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Strategy for Getting Bonuses in Online Casino Gambling

Strategy for Getting Bonuses in Online Casino Gambling

Strategy for Getting Bonuses in Online Casino Gambling – In playing online casino gambling as a member and player of online gambling, of course you want to get benefits and bonuses.

Online casinos are paranoid about “casino bonus hunters”, which forces them to think creatively to distract the hunters so as not to harm all players who have to follow complicated bonus rules. The latest creation is the “ghost” (or “sticky” casino bonus – which is the equivalent of lucky chips in a brick and mortar casino. The bonus amount cannot be withdrawn from the casino. The bonus must be kept in the hands of the player’s account, as if it were “lost”, until it is lost. completely or canceled on the first cash withdrawal. If the bonus is non-cashable dewacasino or for betting purposes only, it is considered “sticky”. Online casinos do not call the bonus “sticky”. This is the term used by players to describe bonuses that “stick”, with the casino .

It is easy to see that a casino player will have two accounts: one deposit account and one bonus account. Bonus accounts are non-cashable but can be used for betting. Bonus casino account balance is non-refundable.

It seems that this bonus is useless for players. That is not true. Casino bonuses are not worth it if you win. However, if you lose, it might come in handy. You have lost $100 without bonus. The bonus is there, even if it is a “sticky bonus casino bonus”, which can help you out of the situation.

Chances of winning back the “sticky bonus” are less than half of the online casinos. To do that, you have to bet the entire amount on roulette. In order to maximize profits from the “sticky casino bonus”, a casino player has used … Read More